Back to basics stunts imagination
Getting CSAP scores up is important to the state of Colorado. After all, their funding under NCLB rides on it, but to parents it is much more important to know if their child's overall strengths will translate into success in life, not just those measured for CSAP.

The whole curriculum is now driven by standards and CSAP (especially in Greeley-Evans school due to being on academic watch) but what does it offer to students beyond stress and anxiety? Nothing but stacks of worksheets to be recycled, instead of products of worth to be kept and shown to family. This is now the reality in kindergarten too! A cute and very bright boy called the worksheets that Houghton Mifflin provides for the literacy block, "crafts".

How is this country going to develop leaders who have the necessary imagination to come up with innovative ideas to help curb the real and frightening risks of climate change and disappearing species such as honey bees?
From that perspective the current curriculum in schools is already hopelessly outdated and obsolete, yet those are the problems our kids in their adulthood will have to face and tackle! It is no longer sufficient to only prepare kids for jobs to keep the economy humming. It is, after all, the production of goods that we do not really need, but that savvy marketers tell us we should want, that has caused the pollution that affects our climate.

So, why don't school boards do something truly revolutionary and finally make ecology mandatory in schools, and yes…let that begin in kindergarten. Include subjects that stimulate critical thought such as philosophy and ethics and logic as well. That may prove to be our kids', and our, salvation rather than the rigid focus on basics which stunts all creative thinking!

-Conny Jensen-

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