Board Member Campaign Quotes

What they said before they were elected. Have they stayed true to their words?

Robert Stack: "It will be my honor to represent ALL of our community…My campaign slogan and personal belief is Community Unity - unity is embedded in the lead word - and in the center of community is "U" - the voter, the voice I would like to represent on the Greeley/Evans School Board."

"We need to revitalize the passion for teaching of our more experienced teachers. One way to do this is to improve communications within the district itself, and between the district and the community. Respect needs to be shown to teachers by the administration and the community. Ask teachers for their input on issues. This doesn't cost anything but is priceless."

Judy Kron: "..we must continue to dialogue with our teachers and principals who best know our student population… We must also provide teachers and principals the support and resources they need to help all students reach their full potential"

"Since 50% of our school age population is Latino, we must strive to have leadership from the Latino community on our board, administration, and in our classrooms."

"Quality education requires a partnership with teachers and listening to their ideas and needs is critical for school improvement."

Jessy Quinby: "The children, the youth, the kids. That is the special group I want to represent. I'm not naive (well maybe a little), I know kids can't vote, but every decision we make we need to ask the question, how will it affect the kids; in the short term, in the long term."

“As a board, through the policies we adopt, we have a duty to provide the opportunity for every child to succeed. We have to instill in our kids the ability to dream, to reach for the stars”

Julie Kautz: "Our English acquisition programs are not working and need re-evaluated. English immersion programs seem to be showing the most promising results. We must be open to make changes where needed.

Cultural differences make parental involvement a challenge, but that will be a key to achievement, drop out rates, graduation rates, and all areas with a racial/ethnic gap. Bilingual resources to parents might be more fruitful than bilingual teachers."

"We must enable all families to access teachers, administrators, and anyone in education that can advocate for the child and meet individual needs"

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