Board and Administrator Comments

"Seven-zero. I guess that's the team!" - Bruce Broderius, referring to a unanimous roll call vote

"We're the experts, we went to college to learn how to do this"
Ranelle Lang - Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement. Salary $108,740

"This has been a very demanding year. Accountability has been excellent.. The congruence of eight people speaks for the interaction of this Board."

Bruce Broderius, May 14, 2007 BOE meeting minutes

"We are community schools. They are owned by you and paid for by you, so you have to say what you expect from us. If we work together, there is absolutely no end to what we could accomplish." - Broderius encouraging parents to share their thoughts with the board in "District 6 seminar emphasizes involvement" - Tribune 13 Nov. 2005

" I have been preparing myself for superintendency for years,"

Renae Dreier (52), upon her promotion form middle school principal to superintendent in Redding, CA. - Record Searchlight August 11, 2001

"Students may not need or want it"
Ranelle Lang about recess

"There's a lot of good work taking place in District Six classrooms today and I encourage community members and parents, or anyone to make an appointment sometime at a school near you to see the change in action" - Renae Dreier, Superintendent, Salary $185,000 - 10/09/06

"Teachers have great flexibility and creativity; in fact they are freed from low level decisions and can now develop great creativity." District Six (Suggestion Box Responses)

"We're not going to just stay the course, we have to live, practice and breathe the course of change.."
Bruce Broderius - Schoolboard President

"Please, please give us a chance to make these changes permanent. I know we can do his, I know we will succeed. There will be no excuses."
Marlene Schuman - Schoolboard member

"There's nothing there that I do not agree with and nothing that I will not support."
Jesse Quinby - Schoolboard member

"At Meeker I saw the students working in small groups, in the 90 minute literacy plan, in the 90 minute structured, very rigid program we have [mocking intonation]. They worked in small groups, they worked individually, they worked on the mats in front of the teacher. They worked at their desks,…there was movement" - Julie Kautz - Schoolboard member

"We have stolen the best people of the state. People say "Oh, you have taken Dr. Lang from Ft. Lupton!"
Marlene Schuman - Schoolboard member

"We're the experts, we went to college to learn how to do this"
Ranelle Lang - Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement. Salary $108,740

"Hold us accountable. Parents need to ask "is my child learning?" - Jeff Miller
Assistant Superintendent of Academic Achievement - Salary $105,300

"We..occasionally just tweak, just a little bit, something that the superintendent might want to say" - Mark Stevens, Director of community/school relations, Salary $105,000

"Young lady, thank you for your comments"
Bob Stack - Schoolboard member, directed at Renae Dreier after her comments about the GEA teacher survey.

"The Board is the voice of the people" - Ranelle Lang

"It's about the kids, not the adults. We have to be the adult in the situation"
Ranelle Lang

"Lunch and timing was an issue when I was a kid and it was for every one of my children. They want to get outside. That is nothing new to us here." - Jaulie Kautz

"We are focused and aligned" - Larry Kleiber Director of Assessment, Salary $93,857

"There's some fun going on in the classrooms. Learning is supposed to be fun!" - Marlene Schuman

Bruce Broderius in response to the reauthorization of the No Child Left behind act:

"In time, 98 to 99 percent of school districts in America will be found not to have met annual yearly progress," he said, stating that the act's measurements are misleading through a long period of time.

For instance, in special education, he said, it may be possible for one-third of special education students to move from "unsatisfactory" to "proficient," as the act requires. But the probability would be "very, very marginal" for 60 percent of that group to make the same achievement in a six-year period.

The board president said much more personnel, training and funding would be necessary to reach the "equal proficiency" of all groups the law requires.

"Once the public at large understands [this]," Broderius said, "they will say, 'Wait a minute folks, this is expensive ." Whole article at

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