Colorado Mandate for PE and Recess

Senator Chris Romer realizes the importance of recess. His Recess/PE bill SB 131 met with unanimous approval in the Senate Education Committee.

  • "We would love to rescue recess from the pressures of CSAPs and other standardized testing".

"Elementary school students will have to be provided with 2 1/2 hours of physical activity a week…[which] could include traditional physical education classes or activities led by classroom teachers. But schools also could satisfy the requirement with 2 1/2 hours of recess." - Rocky News

  • "There are a lot of different ways for them to fit in the 150 minutes," Romer said, referring to five days a week of half-hour physical activity." - Denver Post

Unfortunately this bill would have no impact on Greeley-Evans schools. The combined time for PE (one hour a week) and 5 days of 20 minute lunch recess comes to 160 minutes.

Please send an email (with a CC to Jim Riesberg) to all members of the Colorado House Education Committee as that is where the bill is headed next.(Email links below)

Urge them to support, but also amend this bill to increase the time to 235 minutes per week. This will provide students with additional morning or afternoon recess of 15 minutes which is even better for optimal brain function!

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