CSAP Flyer

Don Perl of the Coalition for Better Education writes that "..scholar and activist Kelley Coffman-Lee..is circulating a flyer ..at various stores and restaurants in the Cherry Creek area. She also has a meeting with Cherry Creek administrators this morning to discuss her stance.

This is what she wants parents and teachers to know.

Tired of the CSAP??

“There is no federal law prohibiting a parent from opting their child out of CSAP testing.”
- Jo O’Brien, Colorado Dept. of Education

  • You DON’T have to take it!
  • It is NOT required by law.
  • It is a poor indicator of what students have learned.
  • It provides racially biased results.
  • Studying for ONE test all year long means other subjects are neglected.
  • Your school won’t lose $$ when you opt out.
  • You won’t get in trouble for opting out; it’s your right.
  • Opting out will not affect your school record.
  • Opting out will not affect getting into college.
  • CSAP costs taxpayers $50 million each year.
  • If you opt out, your -.05 will NOT affect the 95% participation rate required.
  • Opting out will not harm your school.
  • Win-win situation.


IMPORTANT: Give this to your parents!

Opt out now – for better education!

For more info and to print a FREE opt-out letter:


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