District Six Eliminates Play-Time From Kindergartens

In all Greeley-Evans public elementary schools scheduled morning recess has been eliminated and kindergartens no longer offer time for self-directed imaginative play and crafts!

The schedule is in lock-step in all elementary schools and


the literacy block of 90 minutes of Direct Instruction each day (even in kindergarten!) is so scripted it takes the fun out of learning! A teacher commented: "The "teachable moments" are gone".

Toys and play centers were removed from kindergartens and there is no time for children to socialize. They barely have time to talk to each other, or their teacher, and teachers lack sufficient time to ensure that individual children's needs are met! Snack time consists of a handful of crackers to be eaten in about five minutes. Children who raise their hands are ignored because the teacher has to follow the script! I witnessed this for myself during my visits to three different kindergarten classes.

(photo: The kindergarten teacher tests a new student on her knowledge of letters. See this video clip to get an idea.)

Early childhood educators like Maria Montessori and especially the German founder of Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel, would be absolutely appalled that our District Six administration and elected schoolboard members are willfully ignoring the developmental needs and emotional well-being of our children by focusing on standardized academics and lots of testing only!

Although 86% of surveyed elementary teachers question some of these new implementations the school board keeps ignoring the concerns! Some parents have said they will pull their children out of Greeley schools to enroll them in charter schools or to home school them. Some already have and currently their children can be considered to be the fortunate ones, but what about All Children Left Behind? It is urgent and critical that some much needed changes are made. It is unforgivable that more and more children now hate school and disengage at an even younger age than many already typically end up doing!

What can you do? Join and take a stand for your child and raise your voice on behalf of all District Six Students

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