Examples Of Horrors Under NCLB
  • Brad, a middle school teacher in a very high-performing school, reports that teachers in his school are told to “make sure those students you believe will fail the Gateway exam fail your class so that there is no discrepancy between grades and standardized test scores.” Brad told me, “I would love to become vocal about this system. But as you know, our district doesn't tolerate teachers who voice their opinion.” So the children in Brad’s classroom and countless others can work as hard as possible, make as much progress as possible, and their teachers may be forced to fail them anyway. These are the Faces of Children Left Behind.
  • Gwen, an English teacher in a rural school reported, “This year 97% of our students passed the GHS Graduation Test. At a recent meeting we were told that the State feels that so many students are passing this test that it is probably too easy and they plan to "ratchet" up the test. Are the children not supposed to pass the test? Are we deliberately trying to fail students, and in the process teachers and schools?
  • DIBELS is a reading test, mandated in ..schools receiving ..Reading First money. An Associated Press article reported that principals in Gadsden Alabama decided to end naptime in kindergarten. The time will be used to prepare for the DIBELS. These are the Faces—the sleepy Faces—of the Children Left Behind.
  • There are 15 children in the 4th grade—the grade that takes the test. One of children has severe autism. ..The 4th graders did well on the test. The “cut” score in that state is 23; they scored 91, the highest score in the state. But they are a failing school. They failed in the category of special education because the child with autism, who did come to school the day of the test, cannot hold a pencil. Because she could not write her name on the test, she was counted as absent. They asked if they could score her as a “zero” but that’s against the rules. No Child Left Behind! Now as a failing school, they must take corrective action - the whole school. Do you know what the action is for the children with special needs? They must spend hours learning how to write their names.

(National Council of English Teachers)

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