Dreading School

A mother presented the following statement to the Board of Education and also sent it to the Greeley Tribune. Her letter was published, but two critical parts (text in bold) were censored!

"I watch kids going to Christa McAuliffe on a daily basis as I walk my kindergartener to school. Every day there are 30-40 kids who are late and tardy. I am wondering if these kids are dreading a day locked up with only one break? I know for my own son it is a struggle most days to get him to school. This was not the case last year in preschool which was only 30 minutes shorter per day. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree is past spring and didn’t have any of my classes go longer than one hour without a break of at least 10 minutes. How can we expect young children to go an entire morning with out a break?

I have had the opportunity to spend a morning in a second grade class during the new literacy program. That was one of the longest mornings of my life. By the end of the morning half of the boys in class were in an “office” which is a 3-sided box on their desk to help them focus and to keep them from disturbing their neighbors. For our morning “break” the class lined up and walked around the library two times then stayed lined up and took turns for the restroom and drinking fountain. This time could have easily been used for a 15 minute recess and those who needed a bathroom break. This short break was “better than nothing” in the teacher’s own words.

I wonder if the District and Dr. Dreier have what is the best interest of the kids in mind or their jobs with all of the changes. I am going to be interested in seeing if instead of higher test scores they go even lower with kids learning less with this dry curriculum. Did the District look at other successful schools and try to implement something that was working, or are all of these new changes untested and untried?

The curious thing for me is where is the parent concern for the well-being of their kids? Why are only a few speaking up for the children and the teachers?

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