Will Standards Save Education?

by Deborah Meier

Educators from the progressive tradition are often accused of "experimenting" on kids. But never in the history of the nation have progressives proposed an experiment so drastic, vast, and potentially serious in its real life impact on millions of young people. If the consequences are other than those its supporters hope for, the harm to the nation's educational system and the youngsters involved-maybe even to our economy-will be large and hard to undo.


Effective learning: Improved learning is best achieved by improving teaching and learning relationships, by enlisting the energies of both teachers and learners. The kinds of learning required of citizens cannot be accomplished by standardized and centrally imposed systems of learning, even if we desired it for other reasons. Human learning, to be efficient, effective, and long-lasting, requires the engagement of learners on their own behalf, and rests on the relationships that develop between schools and their communities, between teachers and their students, and between the individual learner and what is to be learned.

We may even find that in the absence of strong human relationships rigorous intellectual training in the most fundamental academic subjects cannot flourish.

This, of course, is precisely the point!! Listen to the following on Youtube.com: John Taylor Gatto on Education Someone responded

"The curriculum is written by the department of labor. No wonder they don't care about anything."
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