Let's Read!

Is it any wonder kids do poorly on comprehension tests when they get to read nonsense like this? See what scripted steps a teacher must follow to test the kids on comprehension!


I am Sam!
See me, Mat!
Mit sits in it, Sis.
Sim sees a man sit.
Ann sat on this and that.
Is Nan at the mess, Nat?
When will we meet Sid?
She meets Ed with fun feet.
What fits Nell well?
Yes, I see them run.

A teacher remarks about DIBELS:

"The students were tested every week [with the Word/Letter Testing Device featured right] and then divided up into groups based on ability. The classes rotated so that all students with similar abilities were in one classroom together receiving instruction.
The test has a formula like a QRI, but I think I can see where it might be easier to give than a QRI. However, one of the big things is to "read faster." The kids get so involved in "reading faster" to make "the score" that they really aren't comprehending what was read."

No, let the sheets fill with sand!
Sell the mud if it feels wet.
That fat rat is not sad!
He set a fish on the net.
Then Mat ran to the hills with nuts.
Was a fan with the weed hats?
Bat the ball into his hands.
Who met all the bad men?
“Hit this bell and win a wish,” said Bill.
Sam has also had a bus.
Ben hid ants in that bed!

Another teacher said:

"We started this program this year. After 4 hours of training after school (we were all SO thrilled), we went back to our classes to DIBEL every student. ..If any students scored at risk or some risk, they were pulled for a small group. We have to reassess these students EVERY MONTH until they show acceptable rates for 2 months. We have a lot of unhappy campers about the whole program. Apparently, this was 1 of 3 options our state chose to address low level readers. It's not a cure all for those reading below level, but it's what we have to do."

I’ll go help her!
She must get that drum.
Let’s play here on the path.
Dash stops to see the tree.
Are you out of the den?
We’ll swim from his ship.
Tip can keep this mask.
Now that Ruff went, I’m glad.
Put wet rocks down in the grass.
He yells, “I want to jump next.”

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