Letter To Colorado Governor Ritter

It is hard for me to share my deepest dismay, pain, frustration and disappointment to find that CAP4K proposes that Colorado's preschoolers will now be assessed as well.

  • "Directs the state board of education ("state board") to adopt a description of school readiness and standards for preschool through elementary and secondary education ("PESE standards")". (See entire bill:CAP4K)

Is it not a disgrace and bad enough that kindergarten children no longer get to play?
I visited three Greeley K-classes and saw for myself how children's needs are ignored and there is no more time for play or quality crafts. How is lack of that going to develop creative adults with imagination? Qualities we are told necessary to succeed in the near future.

Why not follow Finland's example? Even in Germany where kindergarten education is of top notch quality because it develops the "whole" child, studies show that kids who were in kindergartens with focus on play do better academically in later grades than kids who were in academically oriented kindergartens.

My daughter was in kindergarten in Germany from age 3 till 6 and skipped American kindergarten which in those years (late 80's/early 90's) was not nearly as bad as it is now. Right now it is abusive since guidelines by the NAEYC are completely ignored, even in the CPKP classes, at least in Greeley schools!

Those years were the best of her entire formal education which she endured mostly in NV and CO. Her intelligence was fully nurtured in those early years. Additionally, the crafts she and her peers produced in German kindergarten are amazing and I have not seen anything of that nature and quality done in American schools!

If my kids were young today, Mr. Ritter, I would not enroll them in public school, especially not in kindergarten! Are you aware that denying children opportunity for play causes many of them to exhibit criminal behavior later in life? Please see the study by Dr. Stuart Brown:http://www.nifplay.org/vision.html

And now you want to assess preschoolers, probably though DIBELS at the expense of play? Who are you listening to for advice? Clearly not the true Child Development/Learning Experts! Shameful!

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