Nature Deficit Tied To ADHD?

Nature can help people recover from "normal psychological wear and tear", but nature also improves the capacity to pay attention.

The 90 second video clip shows Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods.

Intriguing research about the benefits of being in nature.

Terry A. Hartig, an associate professor of applied psychology in Sweden..asked participants to complete a forty-minute sequence of tasks designed to exhaust their directed-attention capacity (see: Green Is Good For You). He then randomly assigned participants to spend forty minutes:

  • walking in a local nature preserve
  • walking in an urban area
  • sitting quietly while reading magazines and listening to music

After this period, those who had walked in the nature preserve performed better than the other participants on a standard proof-reading task. They also reported more positive emotions and less anger.

Attention-restoration theory applies to everyone, regardless of age. But what about children, especially those with ADHD?

Swedish researchers compared children within two daycare settings: at one, the quiet play area was surrounded by tall buildings, with low plants and a brick path; at the other, the play area, based on an "outdoors-in-all-weather" theme, was set in an orchard surrounded by pasture and woods and was adjacent to an overgrown garden with tall trees and rocks. The study revealed that children in the "green" daycare, who played outside every day regardless of the weather, had better motor coordination and more ability to concentrate.

Where Do The Children Play - Cat Stevens

"What is your favorite childhood memory? How we spend our time as a child affects who we grow up to be. With children spending so much time inside, where does outdoor play come in? What will this generation of children remember?

(From Watch a 9 minute clip of this Telly Award winning documentary below.

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