No Science or Social Studies for Struggling Readers!

A Teacher Said: UNC has written a grant (several hundred thousand dollars) which provides for collaboration between UNC and District 6 to enhance science and math instruction. However, it appears that science is not being taught to all students even though this special program is being made available at no cost to the district. Currently there is only one block of time for science, social studies, and interventions, so only students who are at "benchmark" (at grade level) in literacy get to have science. The rest are funneled into intervention classes and receive NO INSTRUCTION in science or social studies.

Instead of drilling our kids with templates for 90 minutes at a time and segregating those who aren't at benchmark from science and social studies instruction almost as a punishment for not performing well in the district literacy program, we should be INCREASING time for all students in science and social studies. There is a study that definitely supports that MORE NOT LESS SCIENCE INSTRUCTION FOR ALL STUDENTS increases overall academic achievement. The science program used in this study is the FOSS program that is also the science curriculum being used in this district. This inquiry based science instruction did not only raise science scores of the children in the study , but their literacy levels as well.

In today's highly technology oriented world, denying students instruction in science and technology is putting them at risk for not being able to function, let alone compete, in the global job markets of the future. What is this board thinking???!!! Once students have missed instruction, there is no way to go back and fill in those holes. They are behind forever.

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