The Official District Six Board Meeting Minutes

Dec. 12, 2005

Dr. Dreier stated that she has great confidence that the board now has the foundation to build a plan for a renaissance in this district.

Mr. Quinby stated that there will be some monumental changes ahead and further stated his confidence that changes made will get the desired results.

Mrs. Kautz: Future success will depend on community collaboration and focusing on student achievement.

Dr. Broderius asked the community to be prepared to work with the school district to make the necessary changes to improve student achievement.

Feb. 27, 2006

Dr. Dreier reported that the draft of the Strategic Plan has been developed and will be on the website. She encouraged community members to give input.

Mrs. Kron thanked community members for supporting the Community Conversation events that have been held. She stated that she is humbled by the number of people who have thanked her for taking on the job of being a school board member.

Mr. Quinby thanked Dr. Dreier for her leadership and commitment to the district.

Mrs. Kautz said she is proud to be part of the action and appreciates all the positive feedback.

Dr. Broderius read a letter from Colorado Commissioner of Education William Maloney thanking the Greeley-Evans School District Board of Education for its clarity and focus in adopting the Strategic Plan – Reaching for Excellence.

Mar. 6, 2006

Mr. Quinby stated that the board members need to be cognizant and to lift each other up to maintain the focus. Now is not the time to let down your guard.

Mar. 27, 2006


* Don Perl - against the use of high stakes testing such as the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP)
* Suzanne G. Villarreal – concern about the education of English language learners
* Conny Jensen - concerned that the strategic plan may not adequately meet the needs of gifted and talented students
* Dr. Robert Cordova – against English language immersion
* Dr. Andres Guerrero – against CSAP and English language immersion
* Francisco Cortez – in favor of bilingual education
* Alan Miller - commended the Board for adopting the Strategic Plan to ensure that students graduating from the school district are adequately prepared to enter the workforce
* Sarah MacQuiddy, Greeley Chamber of Commerce President, - expressed support and appreciation for all who worked on the Strategic Plan

Dr. Dreier recognized principals who were in the audience for the hard work they do and their leadership. She stated that district teachers are certainly capable of implementing the Strategic Plan and that over one half of the teachers have Masters Degrees. She also thanked the community members who came to this meeting as a show of support for the Strategic Plan.

Dr. Broderius commented that the board had seen government at the grass roots and at its very best during this meeting. He said James A. Michener would have called this the ‘salting and yeasting.’

Apr.10, 2006

Mrs. Schuman reiterated that the Board’s #1 goal is student achievement and the Board is committed to providing an excellent education for all groups of student

Mrs. Trimberger thanked the district community for coming out tonight. Wants parents to understand the Board was listening even though they may not always agree.

Apr.13, BOE Retreat 2006 ELL

All schools will have 2 ESL teachers next year. Going to a common schedule at all middle schools. ‘Bathe’ them in language. ESL ‘push in’ is the opposite of previous ‘pull out’ models. General and ESL teachers collaborate. A student may occasionally have to be pulled out to better help them transition. “Push in model” gives language exposure early on.
24 April, 2006


* Don Coloroso – requested the Board support bilingual education
* Juvenal Cervantes – asked that the school district develop and express commitment to inclusiveness
* Don Perl – encouraged the district to take a stand against administering CSAP
* Laura Manuel – spoke about the effects of high stakes testing on children
* Saylee Kerschen- expressed concerns about the effects of CSAP

Dr. Dreier: Strategic Plan approval from CDE. Now time to move ahead. Confident that we can implement changes successfully.

Mrs. Kautz: Thanked staff for the work in implementing the strategic plan. Thanked the community for participating in the community conversations.

Mrs. Kron: Appreciated the large group attending the board meeting. Acknowledged the concerns of the community.

May 8, 2006

Mrs. Kron—appreciated the CSAP presentation. Excited about the improved student participation showing how the community comes together when they become aware of an issue.

May 22, 2006


Weld County School District 6 Principals’ Association presented a resolution to the Board of Education supporting the Reaching for Excellence Strategic Plan.


Kuhn and Associates conducted an audit of district kindergarten programs from April 24-28, 2006. A team of evaluators visited all 17 elementary schools. Lynn Kuhn presented the findings and shared the recommendations. She summarized the process used to examine curriculum, instruction, data analysis, standards and classroom environment.

22 May, 2006

Dr. Dreier thanked Principals for their resolution supporting the Strategic Plan.

Mrs. Kron: Thanked the district and community for their work on the Strategic Plan. Thanked Cheryl Wangeman and welcomed Mark Stevens. Encouraged students and parents to consider education a year-round pursuit.

Mrs. Kautz: Shared belief statement from strategic plan.

June 12, 2006


* Ellen Foster – Expressed concern over the reassignment of Franklin principal, Terri Pappas.
* Sylvia Martinez – Felt that the district needs better means of communication with the public regarding all changes that occur.
* Chip Thero – Expressed concern over previously appointed Franklin principal.
* Kristi Mann, Linda Wallace, Shelley Gotchey – Expressed disappointment over reassignment of Franklin principal, Terri Pappas. Felt frustrated and disrespected over how reassignment conducted as no notice was given.
* Paula Ikenouye – Sad over reassignment of Franklin principal, Terri Pappas. Feels it will cause Franklin a 1-year setback. Requested reconsideration of Terri Pappas’ reassignment.
* Dawn Swanbom – Expressed concern over previously appointed Franklin principal.

26 June, 2006


Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ranelle Lang, Director of Elementary Academics Holly Bressler, Centennial Principal Dr. Mark Thompson, Dos Rios Principal George Schnittgrund, and Dos Rios kindergarten teacher Jacy Grisinger presented a report in response to the Kindergarten Audit which is an improvement plan for district kindergarten practices with a focus on literacy.


Board President Dr. Bruce Broderius presented the protocols for the Board and Superintendent which outlined board member to board member relations, individual Board responsibilities, interaction between the Board and Superintendent, and to serve as evaluation of the Board. Each Board member presented a section of the protocols.

Motion 06-84: Mr. Quinby moved and Mr. Stack and Mrs. Kron seconded and the motion carried 7-0 that the Board of Education of Weld County School District 6 approve the Board and Superintendent’s Protocols as presented.

Dr. Dreier thanked teachers for their excitement and commitment to the Strategic Plan and staff development, thanked the principals and stated both aren’t really having a summer due to staff development involvement. Thanked Dr. Lang for her incredible work, professionalism, and expertise.

Mrs. Trimberger: Thanked everybody and said goodbye for a month. Stated she’s learned so much in only seven months since elected, but it feels like just yesterday. Thanked Dr. Dreier, the Cabinet, ESB employees; all are so helpful. Quoted Benjamin Disraeli, “Actions may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Thanked the Board members for their insight, wisdom, patience, and willingness to help. Looks forward to continued work together

Mrs. Schuman: Thanked everybody for their hard work. Stated that the Board members don’t always agree [?] but are civil enough to express feelings and understand. Mentioned that teachers have in past asked for training, and that the Strategic Plan addresses that. It’s a phenomenal piece of work. No doubt that Student Achievement was always the number one goal. Will look at Strategic plan and all successes and failures as district moves forward. Stated the Board is committed to each other, to the district, and especially to students.

Mrs. Kron: Very excited about response to professional development. Thanked Dr. Dreier, Dr. Lang, and Administration and hopes that all have some vacation time. Has enjoyed working with everyone but isn’t going to miss them in this next month. Thanked everyone for being part of a tough year. Lots of good work in place for improvement in this district. Have taken for granted that Board’s success is due to Dr. Broderius. Thanked him on behalf of everyone for his tremendous leadership.

Mr. Quinby: Thanked staff and Administration, everybody has worked so hard. Encouraged teachers regarding their heavy burden this summer and fall. Told teachers to hang in there; we’re doing what’s best for the kids as they are. Wants to impart the praise and accolades that are so well deserved.

Mrs. Kautz: Has been an intense seven months with being put on watch by the CDE. Very proud to be part of the Board and the district for the work done and direction set. Excited and looking forward to the coming year of implementation. Very proud of the teachers and offers thanks and support. Thanked Dr. Dreier and Cabinet for their hard work. Will miss July meetings but hopes everyone will have rest and relaxation. Enjoy the summer.

Dr. Broderius: Stated it’s been an honor to represent Board, Administration and community. Believes community has responded to the district’s decision to be open and transparent. Much appreciation to the community for support, words of encouragement, and continued candor regarding improvement. This has been the most complete makeover of a school district in CO. Student Achievement is the mantra. Wanted community to know there will be a quorum of four available for the next six weeks. Bids everyone a good summer, and hats off to the professional educators in this district.

14 August, 2006


* Juvenal Cervantes – Urged the Board to endorse and train staff in cultural competency through professional development.
* Mimi Marshall – Presented to the Board the Resolutions from Latinos Unidos
* Angela Behunin – Presented to the Board her concerns regarding the elimination of advanced placement classes at John Evans except for math.
* Conny Jensen – Urged the Board to reconsider the decision to decrease the number of students allowed in the Aims Diploma Program.
* Ava Jensen – Also urged the Board to reconsider the decision to decrease the number of students allowed in the Aims Diploma Program and gave personal testimony as to why it should be available to more students.

Mr. Stack: Very positive news tonight. Urged parents to contact teachers to offer support and communication. Be an active player.

Sept. 11, 2006


* Conny Jensen – Expressed concern over the ACT scores in correlation to CSAP scores
* Christina Kauffman – Spoke about the “I Can Do It” program in which 21 new teachers participated.
* Scot Stockwell – Expressed concerns over rumor that the south entrance/exit at Central High School was to be closed.


Assistant Superintendent Ranelle Lang presented updated information regarding the common elementary schedule which allows time slots in the morning and afternoon for the teacher to use at their discretion in place of a set recess time, and allows for a longer lunch period/recess, longer periods for art, music, media and P.E., and guarantees instructional time.

Dr. Dreier: Exciting to share the AYP results with public, and to see members of district community participating. We are in year one of strategic plan; lots of good work going on; lots of work ahead of us. Will look at Gifted & Talented program this fall. Will conduct audit as to why many of the Gifted & Talented students have not been scoring as advanced as they should be on CSAP. Preschool audit coming. A time for celebration as it’s exciting to see components of strategic plan coming together. Thanked principals.

Mrs. Kautz: Thanked persons who spoke. Presentations have allayed questions/fears. Asked for patience; first year of strategic plan. Literacy plan is a strength. Need to give it time. Give schools, teachers, and children time before evaluating.

Mrs. Kron: Addressed public regarding persons calling in first to speak to Board. Board cares what community thinks. Appreciates calls and emails. Encouraged public to keep them coming. Explained that calling in first to speak done so Board members could respond. Recess and Safety Issue presentations given tonight were in response to public’s comments. A difficult time right now due to lots of changes. Asked public to take time to find out. Stated Dr. Lang’s Recess presentation was marvelous, but it wasn’t just about recess but more about achievement. Will always be on side of academic achievement over recess or anything when first graders aren’t reading at grade level. Have to concentrate on academic achievement. District has to help those children achieve. Stay concerned but take time to understand ramifications and think about academic achievement, and the children the District has failed the last ten years. The Board has made a strong commitment to improve their achievement.

Schuman: Thanked staff for everything going on this year, has been tremendously busy. The Board appreciates all the hard work. Have every confidence that this district and community will move forward for what’s best for the kids.

25 September, 2006


* Lori Maag – Presented Dos Rios art teacher Angela Castaneda who was awarded a $2000 grant by the National Education Association
* Conny Jensen – Expressed concern and offered suggestions for the Gifted and Talented program.

The responses below should be seen in light of the first and joint meeting of the Greeley Parent Advocacy Group with the Coalition for Better Education on September 23, at Cazadores restaurant regarding parent concerns about elimination of recess and the scripted literacy program.

Mr. Broderius, Mr. Quinby and Mrs. Trimberger showed up without prior notice, were graciously invited to partake of the complimentary buffet but declined. They sat, lsitened, observed and Mr. Broderius took notes. "Nine pages" he acknowledged. As a next step we suggested that BOE organize a publicized "town hall meeting" without administrators present so the public (including teachers) could come forward with concerns.

Dr Dreier: Less than 30 days into the school year, great progress has been made by K-5 teachers with the Literacy program. Creating the elementary common schedule and the implementing of the Literacy plan/program are core of the changes this year. Has visited many classrooms with Board, including Heiman, Dos Rios, Madison, Winograd, and Meeker is coming up, to see students/teachers in action. Joy to see elementary schools in the condition they are in. Great instruction is going on. Huge challenging change. Admires the teaching of reading. Community should be very proud of K-5 teachers. Have so much to be optimistic about.

Mr. Quinby: Reason for making changes is due to being put on academic watch. We are compelled to make changes and are pushed in that direction by State Board of Education. There were many approaches to learning to take, and District had already tried many of them. Had to make changes. The Board spent a lot of time studying the changes. Spent time in community hearings/involvement. Did put a plan together which is Reaching for Excellence. Have to embrace this plan to move the whole district forward and get off of academic watch. Implementation of Reaching for Excellence has just begun; must stay true to this course.

Teachers are working hard, and Board is appreciative of that as they have had to learn to teach new curriculum. Very appreciative and thankful of that. Wants to make it clear to everyone that he supports Reaching for Excellence and has the resolve to see it thru to completion. We owe that to our children. Would like community and people in attendance to back the Board as they move forward.

Mrs. Kautz: Shares resolve to see Reaching for Excellence plan thru to completion. Asked community to be patient as plan is just being implemented. Committed to staying this course and bringing this district back to being one of the top districts in the state. Has been very impressed with teachers/children on the school visits. Gave thanks to staff for handling the difficult and complete literacy program with fidelity and commitment. Results so far have been positive. Kids are learning at an astounding rate. Reminded community that principal’s doors are always open and Board available for phone calls. Board is open and accessible to teachers.

Mrs. Kron: Thanked staff, teachers, and especially thanked Dr. Dreier who has the most pressure in this district. A special thank you to Jeff Miller for doing double duty for so long. Appreciate that also.

Mr. Stack: Serves on Federal Relations committee for CASB (CO Association of School Boards). Several new resolutions; eligibility for free/reduced lunch and renewal of No Child Left Behind. Had fun visit to Madison. Very good job being done with Literacy program. Encouraged communication to discourage rumors. Encouraged calling someone to get the straight information. Stated that’s why Mark Stevens is on board. Glad to be back with Board after missing last meeting.

Mrs. Schuman: Board has committed to making as many school visits as they can. Exciting to see kids excited about learning. Had Board retreat last week. Attended the Windsor School Board meeting. Thanked Windsor for their hospitality. Will give monthly updates on District Accountability Committee. This year will be training committee members. Dana Selzer, Kathi VanSoest, and Jeff Miller presented at last meeting. Thanked them for all their hard work. Lots of information given that is consistent. There is room for public to attend meetings. DAC is focused on strategic plan. That’s where all focus needs to be.

Mrs. Trimberger: Reiterated Mrs. Kron’s comments about Dr. Dreier and all the responsibilities that are hers. Board added another job for Dr. Dreier with scheduling school visits which is the favorite of this Board member. Visited Madison and Winograd to observe the Literacy block.Observed lunch period at both schools. It was a wonderful opportunity.Encouraged public to call with any question or if there’s a rumor. Looking forward to visiting more schools. Finds it very enjoyable, and thanked Dr. Dreier.

Dr. Broderius: Reiterated Mr. Quinby’s comments regarding the course being set with the strategic plan. Need to become accustomed to the concept of “OFI”, opportunity for improvement. Improvements are being recommended, studied, and carried forward. Less than 30 days into the most horrendous and wonderful opportunity to change an organization. Change is not easy or perfectly orchestrated. It’s a difficult process that has to be worked at.

Stated district is sharing developments and feels it’s a compliment to the district for Superintendent /staff to be asked questions [by other districts].

9 October, 2006


* Chrissy Hollis – Expressed concern over elementary lunch times and structured schedule.
* Conny Jensen – Expressed concern over the Board’s involvement and role in the District Accountability Committee’s appointments, and the amount of time students are allowed to use the library.
* Ava Jensen – Presented the news article “A School Worth Studying” from the Seattle Times.
* Bob Locke – Expressed concern over changes being made and how the District will know what changes were successful and to what that success can be attributed.
* Lori Maag – Presented positive preliminary results from a teacher survey the Greeley Education Association is currently conducting regarding the Student Attendance policy, and requested that GEA be allowed to have teacher representation in future policy change discussions.

Dr. Dreier: Change can be very challenging. Natural tendency to keep things the same. State Board of Education gave District 6 a clarion call. Students performing in bottom 10% lead to academic watch. Strategic Plan was drafted. Based on research and called for change with implementation of literacy program and common schedule. What we were doing was not working. Asking a lot of teachers. Reservations have been expressed, and the honesty and sincerity are appreciated.

Teachers concerns are being addressed. Climate survey was conducted by teacher’s union. The concern expressed in the survey must be balanced with what is occurring in classrooms, that students are focused and know what to expect in the classroom. Early academic progress monitoring indicates students are learning. Survey may be viewed as cause for alarm, but district has to change. Old strategies did not work.

As a former teacher, knows change is hard. Sincerely thanks all the individual classroom teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and the academic achievement team for hard work in implementing reforms.

Encouraged community members to make appointment at schools to see the change in action. Will continue to make adjustments as district is headed in the right direction. Encouraged community to find a way to get behind all the positive reforms and incredible teamwork taking place on behalf of students.

Mr. Quinby: In full support of Dr. Dreier’s comments.

Mrs. Trimberger: Enjoys visits to elementary schools. Has asked teachers how things are going, and response has been that what they were doing was not working. Knows from being a teacher that things were not working. Had lunch and visited with 4th graders. Teachers have expressed concern and suggestions. Unsure if teachers being afraid to talk to the Board means speaking to Board at the Board meeting. No problem at schools with teachers speaking. Has even had calls from teachers. Encouraged teachers to continue to speak and call. Wants teachers to know she is thinking of them. There is great rapport in the classrooms. Pointed out that signing in at elementary schools is required.

Thanked Professional Development Council. Asked that time be given for strategic plan to work. Invited community to “Right to Read – Sit Down and Read” program.

Mrs. Schuman: A new mindset needs to be the focus. Knows and has seen the things that haven’t worked. Reminded the community of strengths and assets within the district found by the Audit team. Many challenges and recommendations were given including a standard curriculum Have to have the mindset that we will succeed with no excuses. Have been visiting schools as that was a commitment made in the strategic plan that Board would be visible. Class schedules make it very clear what is happening in a classroom. Our children and teachers are amazing. Teachers are struggling with what is being required of them, but they are working hard. Kids are focused. Teachers are focused on student learning. Stated that goal of District Accountability Committee is to have input and make change. Have done training for members. Have sought members of the community as DAC members.

Feels Mr. Romero’s appointment to DAC will be an asset. Regarding the lunch room issue, requested that more time be given for this issue as lunch time has been increased. Strategic plan has been implemented for only four months. Need to stop the screaming, kicking, crying, and buckle down and work together. Said has had no problem with community coming up to her and talking. Appreciates that input, and changes will be made. Requested that time be given for changes to be made permanently.

Mr. Stack: Is on Wellness Policy Committee. Encouraged getting out and walking. Has information available for upcoming Healthy School Summit. Attended the Business-Education Partnership at Weld County airport. Bella Romero 5th grade classes also attended. Gave information on Positive Behavior Support. Visited Meeker Elementary last week. Is in full agreement with Dr. Dreier’s statement. Change is hard and will probably get harder before it gets better.

Mrs. Kautz: Thanked Bob Locke for his comments and staying for the meeting. Felt his questioning of what is causing changes to be valid. Hopes he finds Strategic Plan clear regarding the district having high expectations.

Attended the Heroes and Helpers luncheon at Winograd, and spoke to a student about common schedule. Only complaint student had was that they didn’t know when music was and are allowed to wear crocs so they don’t know when to bring their crocs. Visited Meeker Elementary last week. Thanked the teachers for their hard work in learning this new way of teaching. Stated that teachers feel comfort level is growing. Teachers have shared that they support the changes and generally support the strategic plan. Hopes to see a resolution soon from GEA in support of the strategic plan. Stated it’s too early in the semester to be making evaluations. Feels district does have input in a broad scope from teachers. Again encouraged teachers to communicate with the Board.

October 23, 2006


* John Reimers – Expressed concern over the High School Diploma program cutting the number of students and not offering any program to students who dropped out who are now older.
* Mimi Marshall – Expressed concern over snack/recess issues with the Kindergarten program.
* Don Perl – Read aloud “Words of Wisdom” by Trinicia Everett
* Jefferson Lee – Expressed concern over changes in the District and amount of testing.
* Blake Muhlenbruck – Read aloud comments from teachers, and expressed concern that the Board is not adequately informed.
* Sylvia Martinez – Read aloud comments from teachers.
* Lori Maag – Expressed concern over open communication and collaboration between the District and the Greeley Education Association (GEA).
* Laura Manual – Read aloud comments from teachers.
* Julie Hockley – Expressed concern over number of students late or tardy, and the Kindergarten program at McAuliffe Elementary.
* Bob Locke: Expressed concern over the District’s leadership.
* Vicki Heisler – Thanked Wes Tuttle, principal at Meeker Elementary for his support during the changes. Expressed concerns of teachers over the changes in the District.
* Ava Jensen – Expressed concern over teachers comments in GEA survey.
* Connie Jensen – Read aloud comments from teachers.

Ms. Kautz – Thanked the teachers and appreciates their hard work and dedication. Stated there is a disconnect and inconsistency between tonight’s speakers and the teachers who have talked to her directly. Believes teachers are motivated by and for children, and the Board also cares for the children and is turned off by accusations to the otherwise.Stated teachers who feel violated and are fearful need to go through proper channels. Must reach out past their fear, or what can the Board do to help them? Have heard from teachers and principals that progress is happening. Wished that audience present at beginning of the meeting had stayed to hear out the reports. Made plea for patience, and thanked the teachers again.

Mr. Quinby – Stated we have to get past this. Board will work with GEA and the fringe groups. Because the Board is not doing what is being requested does not mean that they are not listening. Things must be brought to the Board’s attention. Encouraged public not to lose their voice. Stated again not to think that the Board isn’t listening just because requests aren’t done. There is a plan in place.

Mrs. Kron – Stated that it’s very important that the Board hear comments. Explained to viewing public that applause is due to the same people addressing the Board on a regular basis with a support group present. Also wished that speakers had stayed for the entire meeting. They need to hear what principals are saying about results and hear staff explanations about curriculum. Urged them to continue coming but also to stay to get educated about what is going on. Invited public to visit schools. Apologized to Vicki Heisler for not getting to hear her positive aspects. Stated board is listening and does care. Apologized to Lori Maag and stated that earlier comments represent frustration at GEA tactics and that the handling of the survey and comments was very poorly done. Stated Board has read comments carefully and is taking them into consideration. Thanked Bob Locke for staying for entire meeting. Stated principals report regarding results is very rewarding. It is all about kids and achievement. Must not lose sight of being put on academic watch. Kids deserve the best, and the Board is trying to give them the best.

Mr. Stack – Thanked the teachers. They are the ones doing the hard work. Hopes information relayed to them is not “selective reporting”.
Open communication cuts both ways. Thanked the teachers again. Encouraged everyone to vote.

Mrs. Schuman – Recommended reviewing agenda format regarding the placement of Board Member Comments section. Read aloud community comments regarding recess that were printed in La Tribuna. Commended Dr. Selzer and Nancy Devine for their written response to two Dos Rios teachers. Attended the CASB regional meeting and Delegate Assembly. Reassured community that training from CASB is not “rubber stamping”.

Mrs. Trimberger – Thanked the speakers, especially the ones who honored the 2 ½ minute speaking limit. Commended Vicki Heisler for honoring that request. Stated that tardies have always been an issue; are not just because of changes made this year. Received letters from Scott Elementary students giving their opinion regarding recess. Will be going to Scott to visit with those students. Attended the Northridge HS and Central HS plays, and the powder puff game at Northridge. Thanked the kids.

Dr. Broderius – Stated voting is critical. Felt change of pace of tonight’s meeting was excellent. Liked the involvement but would like things to be more accurate and complete. But can be patient as long as the focus is children. A good organic plan is one that can be changed. Feels there’s confusion over “process” and “product”. Respects process but reveres product. Our product is achievement and success for children. Thanked faculty and staff for dedication to children. Thanked colleagues for the McGuffey Award. Thanked Dr. Dreier.

Nov. 13, 2006


* Bonnie Scheer – Spoke as a parent regarding the Literacy Program in relation to her child and how well he is doing. Thanked the administrators for this program, and the Board for staying the course. Thanked the teachers for working so hard. Relayed that has heard from teachers that the kids love the program because they feel competent. Challenged community members and parents to be a positive force. Call a teacher and offer support and thanks.
* Greeley Parents Advocacy Group (Conny Jensen) – Read aloud the Greeley Parents Advocacy Group petition and presented to the Board the signatures.
* Mimi Marshall – Expressed concern over Board members lack of information regarding the math/science program and over recess.
* Lori Maag – Thanked parents and members of the community for support of teachers. Spoke about the need for open, honest, two-way communication between the District and the Greeley Education Association.
* Andi Lee – Spoke about the need for two-way communication between the District and Greeley Education Association.
* Bob Locke – Presented to the Board specific concerns from teachers.
* Ava Jensen – Expressed concern that the District does not “teach to the highest” and concern over the Gifted and Talented program.
* Jefferson Lee – Expressed concern over the relationship between the District and Greeley Education Association.

Dr. Dreier – This past week, the Board gave a presentation at the State Board of Education regarding where the district is in implementation of the Strategic Plan. Visited McAuliffe, and the week before visited Monfort. Will be visiting Cameron. Learns so much from these visits and has such respect for the teachers implementing the Literacy Program. Reminded community of the results of last year’s educational audit in regards to educational chaos. But with Strategic Plan, tool kits, and Literacy Program, there is so much now to support student learning. Pointed out the “data wall”. These are used in principal’s offices and in schools. Will be adding to it.

Mrs. Kron: Thanked the speakers, especially Bonnie Scheer for her positive words. Reminded everyone that we’ve come a long way, continues to compliment the fabulous administration and the teachers who are working so hard. Hard to hear about recess and snacks when Michael Clough/CO Dept. of Education stated that district is 36% behind the rest of the state in math (48% for Hispanic). Have a long, long way to go, need to hang in there with what is in place. Need community support, vital to turn things around for the children. Urged community to be supportive and patient while problems are being turned into positives.

Mr. Quinby: Looking forward to GEA meeting being fruitful and being able to come together on some of the division. Wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe traveling.

Ms. Kautz: Looking forward to district leadership and GEA leadership getting together. Has been encouraged that we’re going in the right direction with positive results. But we’ve just begun, have taken some good steps, but have a long hike ahead and a big climb. Frustrated about recess talk. Recess was not sacrificed by common schedule. Mr. Clough reaffirmed that common schedule is a positive move. Common recess was sacrificed. Does not see the difference between “break” and “recess”. It’s been left to the discretion of the teacher who is the professional in deciding what’s best for the kids. If recess is not occurring, ask the teacher why. Hours in the classroom are focused on academics. P.E. has been extended, and home/after school is the time to get away from academics. Focus is academics and won’t apologize for that. Questions regarding the classroom need to be settled with the teacher/parents.

Mr. Stack: Thanked the visitors to came to the meeting, especially Ms. Scheer and Mr. Locke who stayed. Visited a kindergarten classroom last week, and teacher did send class out for recess. Complimented teacher for getting it right as it has been left up to her professional discretion as to when to break. Feels recess issue is dead. Had fantastic experience at Centennial listening to first graders talk about words like interview, coordinate, and unique, and apply them in a correct way. Thanked Heath students who participated on Veteran’s Day. Asked again that system be given a chance. Was thanked by a teacher for planning time and a common plan throughout the district. Encouraged all to take time next Thursday for what you have and who you have. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Schuman: Has seen teachers and kids working hard during school visits, and there is fun going on. Encourages teachers and kids to continue that. Was unable to attend the Board’s CDE visit. Feels this district is doing good things. Are moving forward. Appreciated Mr. Locke and Ms. Scheer for staying for meeting. May do policy change regarding agenda format so Board can respond to visitors before they leave. Will continue to work hard and smart. Thanked administrators, principals, teachers and children.

Mrs. Trimberger: According to Mr. Clough, our district is seven years behind aligning curriculum and embracing standards for student achievement. We are making progress, and our scores indicate that students can learn. Have a long way to go. Feels Strategic Plan implemented as of August. Quoted Michael Clough, “Smart is what you get, not who you are”. Feels our kids are getting smarter. Glad that Mr. Locke stayed as Matt Christiansen was able to answer one of his questions regarding the Investigations math program. Feels it’s very important that speakers stay. Visiting the schools is the highlight of the week. Was a judge for the “We, the People” high school competition. Had a wonderful time. Attended “Swing” production at West High School. Was an uplifting time seeing the kids. Thanked the kids and teachers. Especially the teachers whose classrooms they visit.

Dr. Broderius: Shared with the community that fifteen district personnel went to Thompson Valley School District for a research presentation regarding grouping issues in schools. CDE visit was very rewarding. Districts usually plead for their life; we had the chance to brag. Public has been frustrated with public education for years. Is getting a better insight as to why. Change is not going to be a 5 – 7 month period; need to change month concept to years. This district will not be reoriented for another 5 – 7 years. Will not just stay the course; have to live, practice, and breath the course. Good things must be happening or wouldn’t have the experiences we have when visiting schools. Attended the Jim Bornemeier theater dedication at Central High School. Smiles when thinking of Jim and all the hours and peculiar situations and help he gave the youngsters over the years. Was a magnificent educator. Proud to have the opportunity to memorialize him. Attended the West High School football game and had fun watching them put the hurt on the other team. They did it with class. Played hard-nose, good, aggressive football. Thanked the coaches and the parents who put in hours supporting the children. Wished West the best at this Saturday’s game. Stated “you are what you eat….Happy Thanksgiving!”

Nov. 27, 2006

Dr. Dreier – Thanked Mark Stevens for his report. Incredible how far Communications has come in six months. Previously, Communications was not adequate for the 13th largest district in the state. It’s a great start. Students/teachers are back after Thanksgiving break. Several more weeks until winter break. Pointed out data wall and CSAP information. Data wall contains student attendance information. Entire room will be filled with data. Reminded the anti-CSAP crowd that last year fewer than half of first graders left first grade reading at grade level, and this year, 60% of ninth graders started ninth grade not reading at grade level. It’s not about CSAP. It’s about the kids’ future and our community. Need to stay focused. Children’s lives are impacted by not reading at grade level, and they haven’t been reading at grade level for years. We need to remember what this is all about.

Mrs. Trimberger – Reminded everyone that one year anniversary of district audit is coming up lest we forget why the overhaul was needed.

Mrs. Schuman – Thanked Dr. Lang for school advisory council information. Stated there is a handbook that was given to District Accountability Committee, and copies will be given to Board members. Read aloud Policy IGA – Curriculum Development and Policy IGD – Curriculum Adoption in response to criticism regarding chosen curriculum.

Mr. Stack – Stated he’s glad students/teachers are back. Yielded the rest of his time to the remaining Board members.

Mrs. Kron – Stated wears “Success…No Excuses” badge as reminder that there are no excuses for not helping this district be successful. Wears it for herself. Restated that it was a year ago that we found out what a terrible state this district was in. Will continue to wear these badges until ship has been righted and will continue to work to help children reach the academic levels they deserve.

Mr. Quinby – Dittoed all previous comments and had no further comment.

Ms. Kautz – Very excited to try the new agenda format. Tonight is a good example of how public comments offered at beginning of meeting dominate thoughts while going thru the business. Stated is committed to the district, to the Greeley children. Stated being a Board member is her avocation/hobby. Vision is to see this district be a model district and to see our children excel. Enjoys visiting the classrooms and seeing the children progress. Remembers these things when there is negativity and accusations. Stated that Board does hear but may not make changes asked for but do hear. Also listen to other staff, parents, and data that tell us we’re probably on the right track and need to stay the course to give it a chance. Have to give this year a good college try. A six-month evaluation of the strategic plan will be done in January, and again in June. Thanked the Spartans and West High School for the poinsettia.

Dr. Broderius – Feels there’s an opportunity as a community to step back from the discourse and sharp observations being shared. Discussion of high stakes testing and accountability go back to the 1800’s with Will James’ philosophy and student John Dewey and their counterpart in learning Robert Thorndike. It comes naturally for us now 100 years later, and the discussion continues to go forward. It’s a societal issue.
Attended Dr. Lang’s presentation to the Lion’s Club in which she used agriculture as a metaphor to look at different things in the district. An excellent metaphor and reminded him of what variables have changed in society that have made a lasting difference. One thing is testing.
Accountability is a movement out of the agricultural business where research was used as a means to increase productivity and insight to raise food for the world. Take that metaphor, and we are raising citizens for the world. We are obligated to take research and obligated to take a position of accountability and measurement. Doesn’t think this discussion will go away. Being accountable is a tough business. When you’re accountable for human lives, that’s even more difficult. Did visit a 2nd grade classroom, and story being told was about a grandmother and grandson who visit Chinatown and what they see and hear. The word medicinal was used as a vocabulary word. Those kinds of words have to be taught, children have to know what they mean. It’s not out of context.
It’s a great opportunity to explain to a child who has not been exposed to that vocabulary. Hats off to 2nd grade teachers. Children are on track. The kids were focused, and for that he can only say, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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