School Board Member Comments

Marlene Schuman: (Referring to CDE Regional Manager Michael Clough's visit) "We were told tonight to stay the course"

Robert Stack: "It has been left up to the teacher's professional discretion when to take a break with these kids, whether it is to go outside for a short recess, or as I've seen some do, jumping jacks in the classroom or stretch in the classroom, whatever. That's why we have the teachers, and they can make those professional decisions, so I would definitely stand toe to toe with anyone who's still arguing this recess issue. I think it's dead…and it should go away".

Julie Kautz: "Frankly, I'm getting a little frustrated with the talk about recess and I want to make just a few more comments.. hopefully the recess issue and the petition before us can be laid to rest. Hopeful, right? Big dreams.

A break or recess, or whatever you want to call it, is the time to play, to socialize a little bit, to get out of the structured academics of the moment and we have left that up to the teacher's discretion. They are the professionals in the classroom..If there's not a recess going on ask the teachers why.
Our hours in the classroom are focused on academics. I believe that we have extended PE and, of course, the home and after school with parents is a time of getting away from academics and to make use of that, the physical and the fun of play. We have to focus on one thing right now and that is the academics, and I don't make apologies for that".

Bruce Broderius: "Our visit with CDE was very rewarding. Most groups go down there to plead for their lives; we went down there to brag about ours!"

"If we think change is going to be a five to seven month period, you need to change the month concept over to years. This district will not be reoriented for another 5 to 7 years. We're not going to just stay the course, we have to live, practice and breathe the course of change and that's going to take some doing."

Judy Kron: "This is perhaps going to be a very difficult financial year and I think it is very important that the community understand that and understand the choices that are going to have to be made this year so I would encourage our community to pay attdntion to this budget building process and to provide us input into what they see as the important issues that need to be funded".

Marlene Schuman: "We're trying to make our budget as transparent as possible, so people do understand this is not going to be a good year; we have spent all of our reserves".

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