Who Are We?

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The Greeley Parent Advocacy Group

is for caring parents and teachers to help improve education in our city's schools. First and foremost we want to be a voice for the children whose diverse and individual needs are currently overlooked! Our mission is to dignify the autonomy of our students, and their teachers!

If you are willing to observe carefully, listen closely and think critically about all that seems to be in direct opposition to a student's best interest, and willing to publicly speak out for students, this group is for you. Join by sending an email to "Contact" (see top right )

It is a way to share and document concerns so that as a group we can stand united and make "the children's voices" be heard.

Put the Parent Voice back in Public Education

  • "A person’s freedom of learning is part of his freedom of thought, even more basic than his freedom of speech. If we take from someone his right to decide what he will be curious about, we destroy his freedom of thought. We say, in effect, you must think not about what interests and concerns you, but about what interests and concerns us." - John Holt

For more information on homeschooling pioneer John Holt and his work, visit: www.holtgws.com.

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