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Anonymous remark to the column "District Six is all ears" by School Board President Bruce Broderius.

"Quite frankly, it's good that it [public comment] is moved to the end of the meeting, as the "main" group speaking to the board is very negative and misquided. Stop with the "recess" issue, do you know that most schools didn't have recess before this year? The current practice is to leave the decision for recess to individual teachers."

I responded with:

Reply from one of the "main group" :) Friday, December 29 @ 11:30:40 PST

Simply sharing that we do not agree with some of the schoolboard's and admin's decisions is negative? Why do you have a problem with dissenting opinions?

We are aware of the fact that not all schools had recess to begin with. That was not right then and it certainly is not OK now to eliminate it from all schools. Physical activity (such as during recess) has been proven to develop new neurons in mammals' brains (which would explain why it helps raise academic achievement in children; read "Enriching The Brain by Eric Jensen" - no relation of me, although we could have been since he too cares deeply about sharing with educators about how kids learn best in classrooms!) that it should be mandatory in all schools.

So, for the sake of the kids in this district and, lastly but not least, certainly also for the future well-being of our entire community, we "the main group" will keep speaking out for children's needs.

You stated "The current practice is to leave the decision for recess to individual teachers."

In case you are not aware some (probably many) teachers feel they cannot run the risk of getting behind in the paced curriculum, so if they allow recess it certainly will not be often enough!

Furthermore, recess should be dependent on the needs of children (well established in research on recess and early childhood development!) not on teachers' interpretation of whether there's a need or not.

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