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Richard Simmons urges parent across the nation to speak up and demand that recess and P.E. are part of the school day.

From ASK AMERICA - Richard Simmons: "Some of you, primarily on the EAST COAST, were unable to see Richard's segment on the TODAY SHOW Wednesday, due to coverage of the Papal visit in Washington.
It was a powerful segment. After giving a brief update on the project, and discussing his weekly radio show, staring straight in to the camera, Richard proclaimed:

"Our voices are simply not loud enough!"

He asked the viewers to again write to Congress and…the Presidential Candidates as well.
Some adorable New York City school kids and their parents toned and grooved with Richard, Kathie Lee and Hoda.
We received many many wonderful e-mails from the Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, and they went straight on to Washington. Thank you. Watch for some excerpts in future updates!"

In case you weren't able to see it, click on the arrow below:

Richard Simmons' testimony on the Fit Kids bill on Capitol Hill

For more video clips of the July 24, 2008 Fit Kids Act testimony hearing click here

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"Not on the test"

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